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You can easily generate characters with your free keywords!

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Welcome! Describe a character and setting for your anime-style image.


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What is Character Auto-Generation Studio

Character Auto-Generation Studio is a personalized GPT application that allows users to easily generate characters by inputting their free keywords. This GPT, powered by ChatGPT, provides a seamless experience for creating anime-style characters based on user-provided descriptions.


– Simplified Character Generation: Users can input keywords to describe a character, and the GPT generates an anime-style image based on the description.
– Intuitive Interface: The application provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies the character creation process for users of all skill levels.
– Customizable Settings: Users have the option to tweak the settings and style preferences to tailor the generated characters to their specific requirements.

Use cases

Character Auto-Generation Studio is ideal for:
– Writers and Authors: For generating visual representations of characters in their stories.
– Game Developers: For creating character concepts and designs for games.
– Artists and Illustrators: For inspiration and visual references when creating characters.


– Time-Saving: The GPT accelerates the character creation process, saving users valuable time and effort.
– Creativity Boost: Users can explore unique character designs and ideas based on their input, fostering creativity and imagination.
– User-Friendly: The user interface offers a seamless experience, making character generation accessible to a wide audience.


– Style Limitations: The GPT may have limitations in generating characters outside the anime-style aesthetic.
– Dependency on Keywords: The quality of character generation is tied to the accuracy and relevance of the input keywords.


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