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Crafts an RPG from your prompt and generates a link to play the game.

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Welcome, adventurer! Ready to craft a legendary tale? Share your story idea for your game, or ask me to conjure one for you!


[‘plugins_prototype’, ‘dalle’, ‘browser’]

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What is RPG Game Creator

RPG Game Creator is a personalized GPT application customized based on ChatGPT. It enables users to craft their own RPG (Role-Playing Game) by providing prompts and tools, and then generates a link to play the game.


  • Personalized RPG creation
  • Generates a playable game link
  • Interactive welcome message
  • Uses function calls for reporting

Use cases

RPG Game Creator can be used by game enthusiasts, educators, and storytelling enthusiasts to create interactive RPGs based on their ideas and prompts. It is also a valuable tool for game developers to showcase their storytelling capabilities.


  • Encourages creativity and storytelling
  • Engages users with interactive gameplay
  • Provides a shareable link for playing the created game
  • Promotes game development skills


One of the limitations of RPG Game Creator is its reliance on function calls, which may affect its versatility in certain scenarios. Additionally, the tool’s capability to craft complex RPGs may be limited by the available prompts and tools.


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