Top 10 GPTs to Boost Productivity: Revolutionizing Work and Life with AI

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Try to imagine a world where artificial intelligence helps you complete most of your arduous tasks. With the explosion of AIGC and ChatGPT, these imaginations are becoming possible. Artificial intelligence is capable not only of following human instructions and mimicking human interactions but also significantly improving your work efficiency. All of these are becoming a reality with the help of GPTs. Welcome to the world of GPTs.

GPTs are a variety of GPT applications created based on ChatGPT, essentially large language models (LLMs). In the year 2023, ChatGPT and related applications have slowly become an indispensable part of our digital lives, gradually accepted and used by more and more people. From creating poetry and engaging content to writing blog posts, designing logos, and providing solutions to various life and work problems, GPTs are multifunctional tools that can completely change our way of living.

In fact, the advent of GPTs is not to replace humans; it’s like various new tool revolutions in the long river of human development history, aiming to improve efficiency and output to a greater extent. With a wealth of GPT applications, you can easily automate daily tasks and focus your energy on things that require your thought and creativity.

What’s more fascinating is that OpenAI now allows you to create your own custom GPTs, and easily make them public and share them with others through links. BeBeGPTs, the largest Chinese GPTs store, has collected over 30,000 GPT applications and is constantly updating. To better share different GPTs with everyone, today we will take you to select 10 representative works from tens of thousands of GPTs and explore how different GPTs help us improve production efficiency.

Here, we list the TOP 10 productivity GPTs catalog for this period, take a look first:

RankBest Productivity GPTsHighlightsLinks
1Free SEO Blog Outline Creator and GeneratorA free blog expert that helps you create blogs from an SEO perspective前往
2Musho Logo DesignEasily create simple and impactful logos前往
3Love ConsultantA professional emotional therapist helping couples solve problems and guide them out of difficulties前往
4YouTube Video Summary GeneratorThe robot receives the video ID of the YouTube video and generates a summary of the video前往
5Chef AssistantA helpful cooking advisor, always providing suggestions and clarifications for dishes前往
6Slide ArtistPPT outline and speech draft expert前往
7Children’s Storybook GeneratorCreate unique stories for your children using images前往
8Interview CoachA personalized interview preparation AI using job descriptions and resumes前往
9KOL Multi-Platform Posting AssistantHelp you rewrite posts to suit different platforms and provide images, including: Xiaohongshu, Jike, LinkedIn, Twitter前往
10Gift AssistantThe first-choice destination for finding the perfect gift前往


1. Free SEO Blog Outline Creator and Generator

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In the world of digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a crucial role. SEO helps content creators ensure that their work ranks higher in search engine results, attracting more visitors. However, for many bloggers, creating content that is both engaging and meets SEO standards is a challenge.

What is the SEO Blog Outline Creator and Generator?

This tool uses advanced language models to help users structure and theme their blog content, ensuring it meets SEO standards. The way it works is simple: users input a topic or keyword, and the application generates a comprehensive blog outline, including suggested titles, subsection headings, and relevant keywords. This not only saves a lot of time but also helps users improve their content’s search engine ranking.

What are its use cases?

Another advantage of this tool is its free nature. For individual bloggers or small businesses with limited budgets, this is an extremely attractive feature. With this tool, even SEO novices can create professional and engaging blog content, increasing their website’s visibility and standing out in the competitive online space.


2. Musho Logo: Minimalist Logo and Branding Design Tool

In the realm of branding and marketing, a captivating logo is crucial for a company’s success. Developed by renowned designer Pablo Stanley, Musho Logo is a tool designed to help users effortlessly create simple yet impactful logos. The core of this tool lies in its minimalist design philosophy and user-friendly interface, making it possible for even design novices to quickly create professional-level logos.

How to Use Musho Logo for Design?

Musho Logo operates on Dall.E-3 and author-tuned prompts, generating a variety of logo designs based on user input and preferences. Users need only provide basic information such as brand name, industry type, preferred colors, and style, and Musho Logo will offer a range of customized design options. These designs are not only simple and elegant but also creative, effectively conveying the brand’s core values and personality. The actual usage is very straightforward: just tell it your design needs, and wait for the creation to be completed. I tried a prompt: “Design a logo related to a cow.” In about ten seconds, it provided a work. If you’re not satisfied with the work, you can also continue to optimize it.

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3. Love Consultant: Professional Emotional Therapy GPT Application

Love Consultant is a professional emotional therapy application based on ChatGPT, designed to help couples or partners resolve issues in their relationships and guide them out of difficulties. This GPT leverages GPT-4’s powerful natural language technology and emotional understanding to offer counseling services similar to human emotional therapists, but more convenient and accessible.

Users can interact with a virtual emotional consultant in this GPT, sharing their problems and feelings. The Love Consultant provides personalized advice and solutions based on the user’s specific situation. These suggestions are based on psychological principles and best practices in emotional therapy, aimed at helping users understand their emotional issues and find effective ways to resolve them.

One significant advantage of this application is its privacy and convenience. Unlike face-to-face counseling, users can access this service at any time and place via electronic devices, without the need for appointments and without concerns about privacy. This is a great option for those who might find it difficult to seek traditional counseling services due to time constraints, geographical location, or privacy concerns.

Why Do We Need Emotional Therapy GPTs?

  1. Easy Access to Professional Advice: Applications like “Love Consultant” allow users to easily obtain professional emotional therapy advice without visiting a psychologist in person. This is particularly useful for those who find it difficult to access traditional emotional therapy services due to time, location, or financial reasons.
  2. Privacy and Security: Applications like “Love Consultant” provide a safe, private space where users can discuss their emotional issues without revealing personal information. This is a good option for those who are reluctant to discuss personal issues face-to-face.
  3. Instant Support and Advice: Unlike traditional appointment-based counseling, this application can provide instant feedback and advice, helping users quickly cope with emotional distress or relationship issues.
  4. Self-Exploration and Growth: By interacting with the virtual consultant, users can better understand their emotional states and behavioral patterns, promoting self-awareness and growth.
  5. Improved Relationship Quality: “Love Consultant” can help partners understand and improve their communication styles, resolve conflicts, and thereby enhance the intimacy and stability of their relationship.


4. YouTube Video Summary Generator

YouTube Video Summary Generator is an innovative GPT application that uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to automatically generate summaries of YouTube videos. The tool is designed to help users quickly grasp the essence of video content, saving time spent watching and understanding extensive video material.

Features and Advantages

  1. Quick Summary Generation: Users only need to provide the YouTube video ID, and the application will rapidly generate a summary of the video’s content. This is very useful for those who want to quickly understand the topic of a video without watching the entire video.
  2. Time-Saving: For researchers, students, or anyone who needs to extract information from a large number of videos, this tool can save a significant amount of time and effort.
  3. Easy to Understand and Share: The generated summaries are not only easy for users to understand but can also be easily shared with others, particularly suitable for educational and academic settings.
  4. Versatile Use Cases: Whether for academic research, market analysis, or personal interest, the YouTube Video Summary Generator can provide effective support.


5. Chef Assistant: Cooking Advisor GPT Application

Chef Assistant is a cooking advisor application based on ChatGPT, designed to provide instant dish recommendations and cooking guidance for cooking enthusiasts and professional chefs. This application combines the technology of large language models with expertise in the culinary field, offering customized cooking solutions based on user needs.

Features and Advantages

  1. Personalized Dish Recommendations: Chef Assistant can provide dish recommendations based on user taste preferences, dietary restrictions, or available ingredients. This is particularly useful for those looking to try new dishes or facing a cooking inspiration block.
  2. Cooking Tips and Guidance: The application provides detailed cooking steps and tips, helping users improve their cooking skills, whether they are beginners or experienced chefs.
  3. Answers to Cooking Queries: Users can ask Chef Assistant cooking-related questions, such as ingredient substitutes, cooking methods, or food preservation techniques, and the application will provide professional answers and suggestions.
  4. Convenience and Quick Access: Through this application, users can access cooking information and inspiration at any time without the need to flip through thick recipe books or search online.

Application Scenarios

  • Home Kitchens: Home cooking enthusiasts can use Chef Assistant to explore new dishes and enhance their cooking skills.
  • Professional Chefs: Professional chefs can use this tool to gain new dish inspirations or solve problems encountered during cooking.
  • Dietary Health: For users with special dietary needs, such as vegetarians or those allergic to certain foods, Chef Assistant can provide suitable recipe suggestions.



6.Slide Artist: PPT Outline and Speech Draft Expert

Slide Artist is a GPT application focused on providing PPT outline and speech draft services. It uses artificial intelligence technology to help users create compelling presentations and efficient speech preparation. This tool is particularly suitable for business professionals, educators, students, and anyone needing to make high-quality presentations.

Features and Advantages

  1. Intelligent PPT Outline Generation: Slide Artist can automatically generate clear and comprehensive PPT outlines based on the user’s topic and key information. This greatly simplifies the preparation of presentations.
  2. Speech Draft Assistance: Besides PPT outlines, the application can also provide speech draft suggestions matching the presentation topic, helping users better prepare and articulate their ideas.
  3. Time and Effort Saving: Creating presentations is often a time-consuming task, but Slide Artist’s automation features can significantly reduce the user’s workload, allowing more time to focus on other important tasks.
  4. Enhanced Presentation Effectiveness: With professional outlines and well-prepared speeches, users’ presentations become more engaging for the audience and effectively convey information.

Application Scenarios

  • Business Presentations: Business professionals can use Slide Artist to create company reports, project proposals, and other business presentations.
  • Education Field: Teachers and students can use this tool to create educational presentations or classroom reports.
  • Conferences and Seminars: For professionals needing to speak at conferences or seminars, this application can help them quickly prepare outstanding presentations and speeches.


7. Children’s Storybook: A Magical Tool to Spark Children’s Imagination

Imagine a magical GPTs application that can weave a unique story for your child based on a theme or a few sentences. This is the Children’s Storybook Generator, a GPTs application designed to ignite children’s imagination and creativity.

Magical Creation Process

When you provide a theme or an idea, whether it’s a child’s creativity or their favorite cartoon character, the Children’s Storybook Generator uses it as inspiration to create a one-of-a-kind story. These stories are not just interpretations of images but also expansions of a child’s imaginative world.

More Than Just Words

The stories created by this application are not just a pile of words; they are filled with magic, adventure, and learning. Each story is unique, making it an excellent choice for bedtime stories and can also serve as a medium for parent-child interaction, allowing parents and children to explore the wonderful world of the story together.

Cultivating Creativity in Children

The Children’s Storybook Generator is not just an entertainment tool; it’s also an educational tool. Through these customized stories, children can learn new vocabulary, inspire their creative thinking, and even be encouraged to create their own stories.

Tailored for Every Child

Every child is unique, and so should their stories be. This application offers not just generic storybooks but stories tailored to each child’s interests and preferences. This personalized experience allows every child to find themselves reflected in the story.


8. Interview Coach: A Personalized AI Interview Preparation Companion

Interview Coach is a unique GPTs application designed for job seekers about to face job interviews. It combines AI’s intelligent analysis capabilities with personalized guidance methods to enhance job seekers’ interview skills and increase their chances of landing their desired positions.

Intelligent Personalized Preparation

The application generates customized interview preparation suggestions by analyzing the user’s provided job description and resume. It identifies the strengths and potential weaknesses of the job seeker and provides targeted improvement strategies.

Refinement of Interview Skills

Interview Coach covers common questions in interviews, including non-verbal communication skills, constructing self-introductions, and effectively presenting skills and experience. Its goal is to help users present their best selves in interviews.

Real-time Feedback and Continuous Improvement

Users can practice their answers through mock interview sessions and receive immediate feedback from the application. This interactive learning method helps users continuously improve and gain confidence.

Cross-Industry Applicability

Regardless of the industry of the position applied for, Interview Coach can provide valuable guidance. Its intelligent analysis system can adapt to different industry characteristics and requirements, offering the most suitable advice for the user.

Reducing Job Search Stress

Interviews are often a high-stress process, especially for those entering the workforce or seeking a career change. With its friendly interface and helpful guidance, Interview Coach helps reduce anxiety and face interviews with a more positive attitude.


9. KOL Multi-Platform Content Creation Assistant: Smart Assistant for Customized Content

In today’s diverse social media environment, the KOL Multi-Platform Content Creation Assistant stands out with its unique ability to help content creators and brands make their mark across different platforms. This GPT application’s core function is to help users create content with varying styles adapted to the characteristics of platforms like Xiaohongshu, Jike, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Precise Platform Style Adaptation

Each social platform has its specific audience groups and style preferences. The KOL Multi-Platform Content Creation Assistant intelligently adjusts and optimizes the style and tone of content to ensure each message performs best on its respective platform.

Creative Content Generation

For creative inspiration needs, the application offers innovative content creation suggestions by analyzing trends and user behavior. Whether it’s an eye-catching Xiaohongshu short video script or a professional LinkedIn article, it provides effective creation guidance.

Optimization of Text and Visual Content

Besides text creation, the KOL Multi-Platform Content Creation Assistant can also suggest suitable visual elements, like images or graphics, to enhance the attractiveness and information efficiency of posts.

Maintaining Brand Consistency

While maintaining the unique style of each platform’s content, this application also helps brands maintain overall consistency and recognition, ensuring content across different platforms complements each other and collectively strengthens the brand image.

Time-Saving and Efficiency Boosting

By automating content suggestions and style adjustments, the KOL Multi-Platform Content Creation Assistant significantly reduces the time for content creation and adaptation, allowing content creators and brands to manage their social media strategies more efficiently.


10. Gift Assistant: AI Platform for Finding the Perfect Gift

Gift Assistant is an AI application that assists users in finding the perfect gift. This application eases the stress of finding suitable gifts, providing a user-friendly platform that helps users overcome the uncertainty of gift-giving. Whether for birthdays, holidays, or other special occasions, Gift Assistant can aid users in finding

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