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Whatever your question, I will seek its most crucial recent news, stripped of propaganda

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Bienvenue! Ready for some overlooked truths?


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What is what’s realy up in the NEWS

GPTs, or Generative Pre-trained Transformers, are advanced language models that use machine learning to generate human-like text. One specific GPT application that stands out is “what’s realy up in the NEWS.” This GPT is designed to seek the most crucial recent news related to any question, presenting it in an unbiased manner devoid of propaganda. It serves as a valuable tool for accessing factual information without the influence of biased reporting.


The key features of “what’s realy up in the NEWS” include the ability to provide objective news reports on a wide range of topics. It is personalized and customized to filter out propaganda, making it a reliable source of information. The GPT welcomes users with the message, “Bienvenue! Ready for some overlooked truths?” This sets the tone for seeking unbiased and overlooked news stories, enhancing the user experience.

Use cases

The “what’s realy up in the NEWS” GPT has various use cases. It can be employed by individuals to gain access to factual news on specific topics of interest. Media professionals can use it to cross-verify news stories and ensure accuracy. Furthermore, researchers and analysts can utilize this GPT to access unbiased information for their studies and reports.


The benefits of using “what’s realy up in the NEWS” GPT are significant. It offers a reliable and unbiased source of news, contributing to informed decision-making and critical thinking. By filtering out propaganda, it ensures that users have access to genuinely informative content, ultimately promoting media literacy and transparency in information dissemination.


While “what’s realy up in the NEWS” has numerous advantages, it also has limitations. As with any GPT, it may not always capture the context or nuances of complex news stories. Additionally, its reliance on existing data and language models may limit its ability to provide real-time updates on rapidly developing news stories.


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