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Edit, convert, cut, add subtitles, extract audio, and more. Work with any videos.

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Hello, I’m Video Compressor. How can I assist you with video compression?



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What is Video Magician

Video Magician is a GPT application designed for editing, converting, cutting, adding subtitles, extracting audio, and more. It offers a versatile set of tools for working with any type of video content.


  • Video editing capabilities
  • Conversion of video formats
  • Video cutting and trimming
  • Subtitle embedding and extraction
  • Audio extraction from videos

Use cases

Video Magician can be used for various purposes, including personal video editing, professional content creation, video format conversion, and subtitle embedding for multilingual content.


  • Enhances video editing efficiency
  • Supports multiple video formats
  • Facilitates easy subtitle handling
  • Streamlines audio extraction process
  • Improves overall video content management


While Video Magician offers valuable video editing features, its limitations include a lack of advanced editing options and compatibility challenges with certain video formats.


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