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Crafts ‘Mom Test’ questions for unbiased product feedback

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title: The Versatility and Innovation of User Interview Advisor

What is User Interview Advisor

GPTs (Generative Pre-trained Transformers) have revolutionized the way we interact with AI. User Interview Advisor, a personalized GPT application, takes this revolution a step further. It is designed to craft ‘Mom Test’ questions for unbiased product feedback, providing users with a unique and invaluable tool to refine their product ideas.


User Interview Advisor is equipped with a range of features that distinguish it within the GPT ecosystem. These features include:

– Personalized Question Crafting: User Interview Advisor is adept at tailoring questions to specific product ideas, ensuring that feedback is relevant and insightful.

– Unbiased Feedback Generation: Leveraging its advanced algorithms, User Interview Advisor produces questions that are designed to elicit unbiased feedback, enabling users to gain valuable insights.

– Integration with Diverse Tools: User Interview Advisor seamlessly integrates with tools such as DALL·E, browser, and Python, expanding its functionality and versatility.

Use Cases

User Interview Advisor presents a myriad of use cases across various domains:

– Product Development: Entrepreneurs and product managers can utilize User Interview Advisor to gather unbiased feedback on their product concepts, enabling them to make informed decisions.

– Market Research: User Interview Advisor facilitates the creation of questions for market research, allowing businesses to gain a deeper understanding of consumer preferences and trends.

– User Experience Testing: By generating tailored questions, User Interview Advisor supports the evaluation of user experience, contributing to the enhancement of product usability.


The benefits of User Interview Advisor are extensive, making it an indispensable tool for product development and market research:

– Precision in Question Formulation: User Interview Advisor streamlines the process of crafting questions, ensuring that they are concise, relevant, and effectively capture the essence of the product idea.

– Enhanced Feedback Quality: With its ability to generate questions that promote unbiased feedback, User Interview Advisor elevates the quality and authenticity of the insights gathered.

– Time Efficiency: By automating the question crafting process, User Interview Advisor saves valuable time, allowing users to focus on analyzing the feedback and refining their product strategies.


While User Interview Advisor offers substantial benefits, it also exhibits certain limitations that warrant consideration:

– Dependency on User Input: The effectiveness of User Interview Advisor relies on the accuracy and clarity of the user’s input, which may impact the quality of the questions generated.

– Contextual Understanding: User Interview Advisor’s ability to comprehend the context of the product idea and craft questions accordingly may be limited in certain scenarios.

– Tool Integration Complexity: While User Interview Advisor integrates with various tools, the complexity of using these integrations may present a learning curve for some users.


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