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Create works of art on streets and walls around the world as an AI street artist. AIストリートアーティストとして世界各地のストリート、壁に芸術作品を作成します。

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What is Urban Graffiti Genius :AIストリートアーティスト

Urban Graffiti Genius (AIストリートアーティスト) is a personalized GPT application that enables users to create works of art on streets and walls around the world as an AI street artist. With its innovative tools and prompts, this GPT application is designed to support the creation of unique and captivating street art.


The primary features of Urban Graffiti Genius include:

  • AI-powered Street Art Creation: The GPT leverages AI capabilities to generate artistic content for street art on a global scale.
  • Browser Integration: Seamless integration with web browsers for easy access and utilization of resources.
  • DALL·E Integration: Utilizes the DALL·E model to enhance creativity and generate diverse visual content.

Use Cases

Urban Graffiti Genius can be used by street artists, muralists, and art enthusiasts who are passionate about creating art on public spaces. It provides a platform for artistic expression and creativity, allowing individuals to contribute to the vibrant culture of street art.


The benefits of using Urban Graffiti Genius include:

  • Global Artistic Impact: Enables artists to reach diverse audiences and leave a lasting impression through their street art.
  • Creative Collaboration: Fosters collaboration among artists and communities to create meaningful and engaging art installations.
  • Cultural Expression: Facilitates the expression of cultural narratives and diverse perspectives through visually appealing street art.


While Urban Graffiti Genius offers innovative features and opportunities for street artists, it is currently limited in terms of interactive engagement and real-time artistic collaboration.


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