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A recruitment algorithm that evaluates CVs/Resumes against job descriptions, scoring candidates out of 100 for suitability.

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What is Talent Match Pro

Talent Match Pro is a powerful recruitment algorithm that leverages GPT technology to evaluate CVs/Resumes against job descriptions, providing a comprehensive suitability score for candidates. It is designed to streamline the hiring process and ensure the best matches for open positions.


  • Automated Resume Analysis: Talent Match Pro offers automated analysis of CVs and Resumes, eliminating the need for manual screening and saving valuable time for recruiters.
  • Scoring System: The GPT utilizes a robust scoring system to evaluate candidates based on their alignment with job descriptions, allowing for a fair and accurate assessment.
  • Customizable Tools: Users can access a range of tools, including Python, browser, and DALL·E, enhancing the flexibility and functionality of the recruitment process.

Use cases

Talent Match Pro is ideal for businesses of all sizes looking to optimize their recruitment procedures. It caters to HR professionals, hiring managers, and recruiters seeking a reliable and efficient method for identifying top talent.


  • Time Efficiency: The automation provided by Talent Match Pro significantly reduces the time spent on initial candidate screening, enabling faster decision-making in the hiring process.
  • Objective Evaluation: The GPT’s scoring system ensures an objective evaluation of candidates, removing biases and enhancing the fairness of the recruitment process.
  • Enhanced Suitability: By accurately matching candidate qualifications with job descriptions, Talent Match Pro enhances the likelihood of successful hires and reduces turnover rates.


While Talent Match Pro offers substantial benefits, it currently relies on predetermined criteria and may not account for unconventional skill sets or non-traditional qualifications. Additionally, it requires an understanding of Python and other tools for optimal use.


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