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Precise property management assistant

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Welcome to Tabby Assistant! How can I help with your property today?


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What is Tabby Assistant

Tabby Assistant is a personalized GPT application customized based on ChatGPT. It is a precise property management assistant that aims to assist users with property-related tasks and inquiries. Upon initiation, Tabby Assistant welcomes users with the message, “Welcome to Tabby Assistant! How can I help with your property today?”


Tabby Assistant provides users with the ability to utilize various tools, including a browser and DALL·E, to assist with property management tasks and inquiries.

Use cases

– Property Management: Tabby Assistant can help users with property-related queries, such as rental agreements, property listings, and maintenance requests.
– Real Estate Services: It can be used by real estate professionals to generate property reports and insights for clients.


Tabby Assistant streamlines property management tasks, provides quick access to property-related information, and offers personalized assistance to property owners and professionals. Its precise nature enhances the accuracy of property-related responses and insights.


– Limited Query Scope: Tabby Assistant’s capabilities are currently limited to property management and real estate services, restricting its applicability in broader contexts.
– Restricted Creativity: While precise in its property management tasks, Tabby Assistant may lack the creative adaptability required for certain dynamic property scenarios.


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