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This GPT helps to compose keywords for your stock photos! Just send to it one or several photos. Update: Most keywords are now a single word, not a phrase.

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What is Stock Keyworder v2

Stock Keyworder v2 is a personalized GPT application customized based on ChatGPT. It is designed to help users compose keywords for stock photos. The latest update now ensures that most keywords are presented as a single word, not a phrase.


Stock Keyworder v2 is equipped with advanced algorithms that can analyze images and generate relevant keywords. It streamlines the process of keyword composition, making it efficient and convenient for users.

Use cases

Stock Keyworder v2 is useful for photographers, stock photo websites, and content creators who require accurate and descriptive keywords for their images. It simplifies the task of creating keywords and optimizes the searchability of stock photos.


The primary benefit of Stock Keyworder v2 is its ability to transform the keyword composition process, saving time and effort for users. It enables the creation of concise and effective keywords, enhancing the visibility and relevance of stock photos in online searches.


While Stock Keyworder v2 offers valuable keyword generation capabilities, it may require fine-tuning and manual verification to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the generated keywords. Additionally, the range of images it can effectively analyze may be limited in certain cases, necessitating human intervention for specialized or complex images.


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