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Guides GV Sprints with interactive, task-specific commands.

Welcome Message:

Welcome to your GV Sprint! Use commands like #explore and #think for guided support.


[‘python’, ‘browser’, ‘dalle’]

Start Prompts:

Use #help for guidance on GV Sprint stages.

#commands to list all available commands.

“Type Start a new GV Sprint to begin.”

Use #jumpstart to quickly begin a specific sprint activity.

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What is SmartTasks GV Sprint Genie

SmartTasks GV Sprint Genie is a personalized GPT application customized based on ChatGPT, designed to guide GV Sprints with interactive, task-specific commands. It provides users with a seamless experience by offering support through commands such as #explore and #think, making GV Sprint activities more manageable and productive.


The key features of SmartTasks GV Sprint Genie include interactive guidance, task-specific commands, and support for various tools such as Python, browser, and DALL-E. With its ability to provide task-specific commands, users can effortlessly navigate through GV Sprint activities and receive guided assistance.

Use cases

SmartTasks GV Sprint Genie is ideal for individuals and teams engaged in GV Sprints, project management, or collaborative activities. It can be utilized to initiate new GV Sprints, access guidance for specific stages, and quickly begin sprint activities using the #jumpstart command. Furthermore, it offers support for brainstorming, exploration, and idea generation, enhancing the overall GV Sprint experience.


The benefits of using SmartTasks GV Sprint Genie include improved productivity, streamlined GV Sprint management, and enhanced collaboration. It enables users to focus on task execution while receiving personalized guidance, ultimately leading to efficient sprint completion and successful project outcomes.


Despite its advantages, SmartTasks GV Sprint Genie may have limitations related to its scope of applicability. Since it is tailored for GV Sprints and specific project management activities, its broader applicability outside these contexts may be limited. Additionally, users may require familiarity with the GPT’s command structure to fully leverage its functionalities.


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