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Crafts three unique cocktail recipes from your ingredients.

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Welcome to Sjat-GPT! Show me your liquors and sodas for three cocktail recipes!


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What is Sjat-GPT

Sjat-GPT is a personalized GPT application customized based on ChatGPT. It crafts three unique cocktail recipes from your ingredients. This innovative GPT uses advanced algorithms to generate cocktail recipes based on the liquors and sodas you provide. Whether you’re hosting a party or just want to impress your friends, Sjat-GPT is your go-to mixologist. Its welcome message, “Welcome to Sjat-GPT! Show me your liquors and sodas for three cocktail recipes!” reflects its fun and interactive nature.


Sjat-GPT is equipped with powerful tools such as DALL·E and browser, allowing it to create visually appealing representations of the cocktail recipes and to access online resources for cocktail ingredients and preparation methods. These tools enhance the user experience and provide comprehensive assistance in cocktail crafting.

Use cases

Sjat-GPT is ideal for individuals who enjoy mixing drinks at home or hosting cocktail parties. It simplifies the process of creating unique and delightful cocktails by offering tailored recipes based on available ingredients. Additionally, bartenders and mixologists can use Sjat-GPT to discover new combinations and refine their mixology skills.


The benefits of Sjat-GPT are manifold. It saves time and effort by instantly generating cocktail recipes tailored to the ingredients at hand. With Sjat-GPT, users can explore creative and innovative cocktail ideas, expanding their mixology repertoire. Moreover, Sjat-GPT promotes experimentation and creativity in mixology, making cocktail crafting an engaging and enjoyable experience.


Currently, Sjat-GPT’s capabilities are limited to crafting cocktail recipes, and it may not be suitable for individuals seeking GPT applications for other purposes. While it excels in cocktail creation, its scope is narrow in comparison to more versatile GPTs.


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