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Jin & Yooni guide you with humor in Seoul 🎉😄

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Hey there! 👋 Here’s a glimpse of us, Jin & Yooni, in Seoul! 🏯 Now, let’s chat and explore! 🎈😁


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What is Seoul Tour with Jin & Yooni

Seoul Tour with Jin & Yooni is a personalized GPT application based on ChatGPT, designed to guide users through the beautiful city of Seoul with a touch of humor and fun. With Jin & Yooni as your virtual tour guides, this GPT provides an interactive and entertaining experience, offering a unique way to explore Seoul through engaging conversations and delightful interactions. Whether you are planning a trip to Seoul, interested in Korean culture, or simply seeking an amusing virtual tour, Seoul Tour with Jin & Yooni is the perfect companion for an enjoyable journey.


– Interactive and engaging virtual tour experience
– Humorous and entertaining content
– Personalized guidance based on user preferences
– Accessible through web browser and DALL·E tools for visual content

Use cases

– Planning a trip to Seoul: Gain insights and recommendations for the best places to visit, local cuisine, and cultural experiences.
– Exploring Korean culture: Learn about Korean traditions, language, and lifestyle through interactive conversations with Jin & Yooni.
– Virtual entertainment: Enjoy a lighthearted and amusing virtual tour experience from the comfort of your home.


– A fun and engaging way to discover Seoul and Korean culture
– Personalized recommendations and insights tailored to user interests
– Accessible through web browser for easy and convenient use
– Provides a virtual tour experience with humorous and entertaining content


– Limited real-time interaction capability
– Relies on predefined content and prompts, limiting spontaneous conversations
– May not provide detailed historical or factual information about Seoul


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