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Le GPT custom de Sclépios IA guide les soignants dans la prise en charge clinique grâce à l’IA, offrant des recommandations précises en un instant. Plus d’infos sur

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What is Sclépios I.A : Prise en charge

The GPT application known as Sclépios I.A : Prise en charge is a custom GPT that guides healthcare professionals in clinical care using AI, providing precise recommendations instantly. This GPT is designed to help healthcare workers in their decision-making process by leveraging AI technology to offer valuable insights and support in clinical care.


  • AI Guidance: Offers precise recommendations and guidance to healthcare professionals.
  • Clinical Decision Support: Assists in clinical decision-making with instant insights.
  • Customization: Customizes the AI guidance based on specific clinical needs.

Use cases

Sclépios I.A : Prise en charge can be utilized in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities. It can aid in providing clinical recommendations, supporting diagnostic processes, and guiding patient care.


  • Time Efficiency: Offers instant recommendations, saving time for healthcare professionals.
  • Improved Clinical Care: Enhances the quality of clinical care by providing precise insights and support.
  • Decision-making Support: Assists healthcare workers in making informed decisions based on AI-guided recommendations.


Although Sclépios I.A : Prise en charge offers valuable AI guidance, it may have limitations in handling complex and rare clinical scenarios, requiring human expertise and judgment in such cases.


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