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I’m here to kindly assist with your research and academic writing questions.

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How can I paraphrase?

How can I conduct thematic analysis?

Can you help me with my data collection tools?

How can I write literature review?

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What is Reseach Advisor

Research Advisor is a personalized GPT application customized based on ChatGPT. It is designed to assist with research and academic writing questions in a kindly manner. Research Advisor is part of the GPT Store and is accessible to users seeking help in their research and academic endeavors.


Research Advisor provides personalized assistance with research-related tasks such as paraphrasing, conducting thematic analysis, data collection tools, and writing literature reviews. It is equipped with tools such as Python integration to enhance its functionality.

Use cases

Research Advisor can be used by students, researchers, and academic writers to seek guidance and support in their research and writing processes. It serves as a helpful resource for individuals looking for expert advice and assistance in academic pursuits.


The benefits of using Research Advisor include personalized research support, expert guidance in academic writing, and access to tools such as Python integration for enhanced functionality. It offers a convenient and accessible way to seek assistance with research and academic writing questions.


While Research Advisor provides valuable support, its limitations include the need for continuous improvement in accuracy and relevance to ensure the best possible assistance to users. Additionally, it may require further development to expand its range of tools and functionalities.


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