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Guides in assessing and managing chronic low back pain based on evidence-based guidelines.

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Hi! Let’s assess and manage your chronic low back pain together.


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Start Prompts:

Can you describe the exact location of your back pain? Does it radiate to other areas

Have you experienced any unexplained weight loss or fever?

Tell me about any numbness or weakness in your legs.

How does the pain affect your daily life and mood?

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What is PT Charlie

PT Charlie is a personalized GPT application designed to guide users in assessing and managing chronic low back pain based on evidence-based guidelines. Its primary focus is to provide personalized assistance to individuals suffering from chronic low back pain.


– Personalized Guidance: PT Charlie offers personalized guidance specific to chronic low back pain, ensuring that users receive tailored support.
– Evidence-Based Assessment: The GPT utilizes evidence-based guidelines to assess and manage chronic low back pain, promoting informed decision making.
– Interactive Questioning: PT Charlie engages users through interactive questioning, allowing for detailed descriptions of symptoms and experiences.

Use cases

PT Charlie is suitable for individuals experiencing chronic low back pain and seeking personalized guidance. It can be used by healthcare professionals to gather comprehensive information from patients and enhance the assessment of chronic low back pain.


– Personalized Support: Users receive personalized support and guidance tailored to their specific chronic low back pain.
– Informed Assessment: The GPT promotes informed assessment by using evidence-based guidelines, enabling users to make informed decisions about managing their condition.
– Efficient Data Collection: Healthcare professionals benefit from efficient data collection, as PT Charlie facilitates detailed symptom descriptions and patient experiences.


Although PT Charlie offers personalized guidance and evidence-based assessment, its limitations include the inability to provide physical diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Users should consult healthcare professionals for physical examinations and medical interventions.


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