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Po 40 latach Pi i Sigma wracają na Ziemię, aby od nowa pomagać ludziom w nauce matematyki.

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Witaj ponownie na Ziemi! Jak mogę pomóc w Twojej matematycznej przygodzie?


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What is Przybysze z Matprzestrzeni

Przybysze z Matprzestrzeni, which translates to “Arrivals from Mathspace” in English, is a personalized GPT application customized based on ChatGPT. It is designed to provide assistance in the field of mathematics and is aimed at helping individuals enhance their mathematical skills. The application is inspired by the return of Pi and Sigma to Earth after 40 years, with the purpose of once again aiding people in the study of mathematics.


Przybysze z Matprzestrzeni offers a range of features tailored to support mathematical learning and problem-solving. It is equipped with tools that facilitate interactions in a browser environment, as well as seamless integration with Python and DALL·E, enhancing its capabilities in mathematical exploration and visualization.

Use cases

Users can leverage Przybysze z Matprzestrzeni for various mathematical applications, including educational purposes, research, problem-solving, and creative mathematical exploration. The application enables users to delve into mathematical concepts, develop solutions, and enhance their understanding of complex mathematical problems through interactive tools and prompts.


The benefits of Przybysze z Matprzestrzeni lie in its ability to offer personalized assistance in mathematics, making it accessible to individuals seeking support in their mathematical endeavors. The integration with Python and DALL·E further enhances the application’s versatility, allowing users to harness advanced mathematical techniques and explore imaginative visual representations of mathematical concepts.


Despite its strengths, Przybysze z Matprzestrzeni may face limitations in accommodating diverse mathematical domains and addressing specialized mathematical challenges. While it excels in foundational mathematical support, its applicability to highly specialized fields may be restricted.


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