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Author:Savajols Sylvain

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Fournit des estimations de prix pour objets neufs et d’occasion

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Bonjour ! Envoyez une photo et je vous donnerai une estimation de prix, neuf ou d’occasion.


[‘browser’, ‘dalle’]

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What is Price Estimate

Price Estimate is a personalized GPT application designed to provide price estimates for new and used items. The GPT welcomes users with a message in French, “Bonjour ! Envoyez une photo et je vous donnerai une estimation de prix, neuf ou d’occasion.” This GPT is equipped with tags such as ‘public’ and ‘reportable’ and can invoke tools like ‘browser’ and ‘dalle.’


The key features of Price Estimate include customized price estimations, support for new and used items, and interaction through visual inputs.

Use cases

Price Estimate can be utilized in scenarios where users seek accurate price estimates for items they intend to buy or sell. It can be particularly beneficial for individual sellers, e-commerce platforms, and appraisal services.


Price Estimate offers the benefit of quick and convenient price estimations, enabling users to make informed decisions about their items. It simplifies the process of determining fair prices for both buyers and sellers.


While Price Estimate provides a useful service, its current limitations include the need for further development in accuracy and expanded language support. Additionally, improvements in handling complex or rare items would enhance its applicability.


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