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Autan 10 kohdan kysymysprosessin kautta sinua suunnittelemaan, kirjoittamaan ja pitämään elämäsi puheen. Tekijä:

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What is Pidä elämäsi puhe

Pidä elämäsi puhe is a personalized GPT application that assists users in planning, writing, and delivering speeches through a 10-step question process. Created by, it is designed to guide individuals through the speech planning and writing process.


Pidä elämäsi puhe offers a structured 10-step question process that aids in speech planning and writing. It provides personalized prompts to help users craft their speeches effectively.

Use cases

The application can be used by individuals who require assistance in preparing and delivering speeches for various occasions. It is particularly beneficial for those who may need guidance in structuring their thoughts and organizing their content for public speaking.


The benefits of Pidä elämäsi puhe include structured speech planning, personalized prompts, and assistance in crafting impactful speeches. It serves as a valuable tool for individuals who may struggle with speech preparation and organization.


As a personalized GPT application, Pidä elämäsi puhe may have limitations related to the specificity of its use case. It may not be suitable for complex or specialized speech requirements that demand advanced customization.


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