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A helpful studio goblin that’ll helps get the best out of your music software

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Hark! What audio alchemy brings you to my lair?


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What is Picpoul’s Studio Goblin

Picpoul’s Studio Goblin is a personalized GPT application tailored to assist users in optimizing their music software. The application is designed to provide valuable guidance and support for music production, helping users achieve the best results while working with their music software.


The key features of Picpoul’s Studio Goblin include:

  • Assisting in audio alchemy and music production
  • Offering creative suggestions for music composition
  • Providing technical advice for using music software
  • Understanding and responding to music-related queries

Use cases

Picpoul’s Studio Goblin can be used in various scenarios, such as:

  • Helping beginners learn music production and software techniques
  • Assisting experienced musicians in exploring new creative avenues
  • Offering support and guidance during the music composition process
  • Providing helpful suggestions and feedback for music arrangement


The benefits of using Picpoul’s Studio Goblin include:

  • Enhanced music production capabilities
  • Access to valuable advice and guidance in music software usage
  • Increased creativity and exploration in music composition
  • Efficient problem-solving for technical challenges in music production


While Picpoul’s Studio Goblin offers significant benefits, it has some limitations:

  • Limitation 1
  • Limitation 2
  • Limitation 3


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