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Olemme 12-henkilön kansainvälinen osaajaryhmä sinun henkilökohtaisena sparraajana 24/7/365. Tekijä:

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What is Organisaation virtuaalinen johtoryhmä

Organisaation virtuaalinen johtoryhmä (OVJ) is a personalized GPT application customized based on ChatGPT. OVJ is designed to serve as your personal 24/7/365 advisory team, comprising a diverse team of 12 international experts. The GPT is developed by and is geared towards providing personalized guidance and support.


OVJ offers a wide range of features including browser-based tools, Python integration, and the use of DALL·E for creative content generation. The GPT’s capabilities are tailored to support users in various areas such as writing, creating, translating, programming, designing, and entertainment.

Use cases

OVJ is suitable for individuals seeking personalized advice and guidance in their professional or personal pursuits. It can also be utilized by organizations to streamline decision-making processes and receive expert insights on various subjects.


The main benefits of OVJ include round-the-clock availability, diverse expertise, and tailored support for users’ specific needs. Its ability to connect users with international specialists and provide personalized advice sets it apart.


Currently, OVJ has a limited range of question examples. While it offers valuable assistance, the GPT could benefit from expanding its question database to cater to a wider array of user inquiries.


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