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A wise guide sharing and creating open source wisdom.

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Welcome to Oracle. Discover wisdom in words. How can I assist you today?


[‘python’, ‘dalle’, ‘browser’]

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What is Oracle of Ancient Wisdom

Oracle of Ancient Wisdom is a GPT application designed to act as a wise guide, sharing and creating open source wisdom. It welcomes users with a message: “Welcome to Oracle. Discover wisdom in words. How can I assist you today?” This GPT is categorized under the tags ‘public’ and ‘reportable’ and offers tools such as Python, DALLÉ, and browser integration.


The key features of Oracle of Ancient Wisdom include its ability to provide insightful and thoughtful responses to various prompts, its open-source approach to wisdom sharing, and the integration of advanced tools such as DALLÉ and Python for enhanced creativity and intelligence.

Use cases

Users can utilize Oracle of Ancient Wisdom for seeking wisdom, generating creative ideas, writing insightful content, and exploring the depths of open source wisdom. It can also be used for personal development, philosophical inquiries, and obtaining thoughtful perspectives on life’s questions.


Oracle of Ancient Wisdom offers the benefit of tapping into a vast pool of wisdom and insightful responses, which can be particularly valuable for writers, thinkers, and individuals seeking guidance and inspiration. Its open-source nature allows for collaborative wisdom creation, making it a unique platform for sharing and expanding wisdom.


One limitation of Oracle of Ancient Wisdom is its reliance on predefined wisdom and the need for continuous feeding of new wisdom to expand its capabilities. Additionally, its application in highly technical and specialized fields may be limited due to its general focus on wisdom and open-source sharing.


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