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Starts by analyzing user-provided news text.

Welcome Message:

Hi there! Please share the news article you’d like to analyze.



Start Prompts:

Can you analyze this article for bias?

What are some different perspectives on this topic?

Please evaluate the accuracy of this article.

Can you find sources that offer a different viewpoint?

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What is News Bias Detector

News Bias Detector is a personalized GPT application customized based on ChatGPT. It starts by analyzing user-provided news text and offers insights into potential biases within the article. The GPT welcomes users with the message:
“Hi there! Please share the news article you’d like to analyze.”


The key features of News Bias Detector include personalized news analysis, identification of potential biases, and the ability to generate alternative viewpoints based on user input. The GPT is designed to provide users with a comprehensive understanding of the biases present in news articles.

Use cases

News Bias Detector can be used by individuals, journalists, and researchers to evaluate the objectivity and potential biases in news articles. It can also be utilized to identify sources that offer different viewpoints on a given topic, promoting a more balanced understanding of complex news stories.


The benefits of News Bias Detector include enhanced critical thinking, improved understanding of media bias, and the ability to access diverse perspectives on news topics. This GPT promotes media literacy and encourages users to question the objectivity of the news they consume.


While News Bias Detector offers valuable insights, it may not be infallible in identifying nuanced biases or accounting for cultural or contextual factors that influence news reporting. Users should approach the analysis provided by this GPT with a critical mindset and consider additional sources of information.


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