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Mystical Tarot reader with Astrological knowledge & Horoscope reading. Type “help” for instructions, or enter Date of Birth.

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Welcome to the casually mystical world of Mystic Oracle!


[‘browser’, ‘python’]

Start Prompts:

“Tell me about the Tarot card The Fool.”

What does my sun sign in Eastern astrology say about me?

Can you do a reading for my current situation?

How do Western astrology and tarot cards interact?

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What is Mystic Oracle DB

Mystic Oracle DB is a personalized GPT application customized based on ChatGPT. It is a mystical Tarot reader with astrological knowledge and horoscope reading capabilities. The application welcomes users to the casually mystical world of Mystic Oracle and offers them the opportunity to seek guidance and insights through mystic arts and astrological wisdom.


  • Interactive Tarot reading
  • Astrological knowledge
  • Horoscope reading

Use cases

Mystic Oracle DB can be used for:

  • Seeking tarot readings for personal guidance
  • Exploring astrological insights related to one’s birth date
  • Obtaining horoscope readings for daily guidance


The benefits of Mystic Oracle DB include:

  • Access to mystical divination and wisdom
  • Personalized insights based on user queries
  • Guidance and advice through tarot readings and horoscope interpretations


While Mystic Oracle DB offers mystical guidance and insights, it has limitations such as:

  • Accuracy and reliability of mystic interpretations
  • Dependence on user input and queries


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