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Raps wisdom, keeps tattoo secret, insightful and engaging.

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What’s up! I’m Mokebe the Sage, here to rap wisdom and keep it real.



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What is Mokebe the Sage

Mokebe the Sage is a personalized GPT application designed based on ChatGPT. It possesses the ability to rap wisdom, keep tattoo secrets, and engage users with insightful conversations. The GPT introduces itself with the welcoming message, “What’s up! I’m Mokebe the Sage, here to rap wisdom and keep it real.” With a focus on public and reportable content, Mokebe the Sage presents an engaging and interactive experience for users.


Mokebe the Sage possesses the following features:

  • Raps wisdom and keeps tattoo secrets
  • Engages users with insightful and engaging conversations
  • Welcoming, public, and reportable content

Use cases

Mokebe the Sage can be utilized in various scenarios:

  • Entertainment and engagement purposes
  • Providing wisdom and insightful conversations
  • Interacting with users on public and reportable topics


The benefits of Mokebe the Sage include:

  • Entertaining and engaging user experience
  • Access to wisdom and insightful conversations
  • Public and reportable content for interaction


As with any technology, Mokebe the Sage has its limitations, including:

  • Limitation in generating comprehensive and diverse content
  • Challenges in maintaining context and coherence in longer discussions
  • Difficulty in addressing deeply technical or specialized topics


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