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Bu GPT EPDK mevzuatlarının bir kısmı için eğitilmiştir. GPT’ye Uzmanlık alanlarını sorabilirsiniz size yetkin olduğu yönetmelik ve kanunları söylecektir.

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What is Mevzuat Bot

Mevzuat Bot is a GPT application that has been trained for a portion of EPDK regulations. Users can ask the GPT about its areas of expertise, and it will provide them with the regulations and laws it is competent in.


Mevzuat Bot features tools that can be invoked through a browser, making it convenient for users to access the required regulatory information.

Use cases

Users can utilize Mevzuat Bot to quickly obtain relevant EPDK regulations and laws by simply asking about specific areas of expertise.


The benefits of Mevzuat Bot include easy access to EPDK regulations, quick retrieval of specific laws, and simplification of the process for obtaining regulatory information.


One limitation of Mevzuat Bot is the specificity of its training, as it is only applicable to a portion of EPDK regulations. As a result, users may need to seek additional resources for regulations beyond the GPT’s training scope.


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