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I will prepare you for meetings by researching companies and individuals, offering key discussion points.

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Ready to prep for your next meeting? Let’s start!


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What is Meeting AI

Meeting AI is a personalized GPT application that aims to prepare individuals for meetings by conducting research on companies and individuals, and providing key discussion points. It offers a seamless way to enhance meeting preparation and ensure that individuals are well-informed before important discussions.


The features of Meeting AI are tailored to provide comprehensive meeting preparation. It utilizes advanced tools such as ‘dalle’ and ‘browser’ to gather relevant information and create valuable insights. Additionally, its ability to offer personalized and reportable information sets it apart as a valuable tool for professionals.

Use cases

Meeting AI is well-suited for professionals across various industries, including business, finance, marketing, and sales. It can be beneficial for individuals preparing for client meetings, corporate presentations, job interviews, and networking events. The application’s adaptability makes it a valuable asset in diverse professional settings.


The primary benefits of Meeting AI include improved meeting preparedness, time efficiency, and enhanced confidence during discussions. By providing key discussion points and relevant insights, Meeting AI empowers individuals to engage in meaningful and informed conversations, thereby increasing the likelihood of successful outcomes.


Despite its advantages, Meeting AI has certain limitations, notably in its ability to generate unique and creative insights. While it excels in research-based preparation, its creativity and originality in generating discussion points may require further development.


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