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Votre guide ludique et dynamique pour les idées de repas, avec une touche d’humour.

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Salut ! Prêt à pimenter tes repas ? Dis-moi ce que tu as envie de manger !


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What is Meal Muse

Meal Muse is a personalized GPT application customized based on ChatGPT. It is a ludic and dynamic meal ideas guide, with a touch of humor. The application aims to make meal planning and cooking more enjoyable and creative.


Meal Muse offers interactive and engaging features, including:

  • Prompt-based meal suggestions
  • Humorous and playful conversation
  • Integration with various tools such as the browser, Python, and DALLÉ

Use cases

Meal Muse can be used in various scenarios, such as:

  • Getting meal ideas when feeling uninspired
  • Adding a fun and interactive element to meal planning
  • Exploring creative cooking possibilities


The benefits of using Meal Muse include:

  • Enhancing creativity in meal planning
  • Making meal planning enjoyable and less monotonous
  • Offering a playful and dynamic approach to meal suggestions


Although Meal Muse offers engaging features, it has limitations in terms of:

  • Limitations in understanding complex meal requirements
  • Dependence on user input for creativity
  • Restricted applicability in professional culinary contexts


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