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Friendly assistant to help teach Key Stage 2 Maths in UK (10-11 years).

Welcome Message:

Hi there! Ready to learn some Key Stage 2 Maths? How can I help?



Start Prompts:

What are equivalent fractions?

Please provide me with an example KS2 maths question and model answer:

What are the main topics to learn in KS2 in maths?

Give me an example sats arithmetic question.

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What is Maths Sats Buddy

Maths Sats Buddy is a friendly assistant designed to help teach Key Stage 2 Maths in the UK for children aged 10-11. It serves as a personalized GPT application customized based on ChatGPT, offering various prompts and tools for learning, creating, and understanding math concepts.


The Maths Sats Buddy is equipped with the ability to engage users with a friendly welcome message: “Hi there! Ready to learn some Key Stage 2 Maths? How can I help?” It provides access to the DALL·E tool, enabling visual learning and creative exploration of math concepts.

Use cases

Maths Sats Buddy aims to assist students and educators in teaching and learning Key Stage 2 Maths in an interactive and engaging manner. It can serve as a valuable tool for practicing math concepts, solving problems, and gaining a deeper understanding of key mathematical topics.


The benefits of Maths Sats Buddy are its personalized approach to learning, interactive engagement with students, and the ability to provide tailored explanations and examples. It offers an opportunity for students to enhance their math skills in a fun and supportive environment.


While Maths Sats Buddy provides valuable assistance, it has limitations such as the need for continuous internet access, potential limitations in understanding complex mathematical concepts, and the reliance on prompt-based interactions, which may not cover all possible learning scenarios.


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