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Simple macro tracker for the health conscious. Enter foods (or photos) throughout the day, track cumulative macros, hit your goals.

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Hi, I’m Macro! Share your meal and I’ll provide detailed macro tables.


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What is Macro Tracker

Macro Tracker is a personalized GPT application customized based on ChatGPT. It is a simple macro tracker designed for the health conscious. Users can enter foods throughout the day, track cumulative macros, and work towards their health goals. With the ability to input foods or photos, Macro Tracker provides detailed macro tables to help users stay on track with their health and nutrition.


Macro Tracker offers the following features:

  • Simple and user-friendly interface for tracking macros
  • Supports input of foods or photos for accurate macro tracking
  • Provides detailed macro tables for better understanding of nutrition intake

Use cases

Macro Tracker is ideal for individuals who are health conscious and want to track their daily nutrition intake. It is suitable for people who are focused on maintaining a balanced diet and meeting specific health goals. Whether it’s for weight management, fitness training, or simply monitoring dietary habits, Macro Tracker serves as a handy tool for tracking macros and staying informed about nutrition.


The benefits of using Macro Tracker include:

  • Convenient tracking of macro and nutrition intake
  • Customized goal setting for individual health targets
  • Insightful macro tables for better understanding of nutritional values
  • Flexible input options for foods or photos


Despite its advantages, Macro Tracker has limitations, including:

  • May not provide personalized dietary recommendations
  • Dependent on accurate input of foods and portion sizes
  • Limited scope in providing broader nutritional advice


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