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I help people assess their PM Skills , Strategy and Critical Thinking

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Welcome to your PM interview. Please start by sharing your professional journey.


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What is Let’s Start the Interview

Let’s Start the Interview is a personalized GPT application designed to help individuals assess their Project Management (PM) skills, strategy, and critical thinking. This innovative application is developed to guide users through a simulated PM interview, allowing them to evaluate and improve their skills in a virtual professional setting.


Let’s Start the Interview provides a unique and interactive platform for users to engage in mock PM interviews. It offers personalized prompts to analyze the user’s responses and provide constructive feedback. The application is equipped with advanced tools such as Python, browser integration, and DALL·E, enabling a comprehensive assessment of the user’s expertise.

Use Cases

This GPT application serves as a valuable resource for individuals aspiring to enhance their PM skills. It can be used by job seekers to practice and refine their interview techniques, as well as by professionals seeking to evaluate their strategic and critical thinking abilities. Additionally, educational institutions and training programs can utilize Let’s Start the Interview to provide simulated interview experiences for students and candidates.


Let’s Start the Interview offers a practical and immersive way for users to gain valuable insights into their PM capabilities. By simulating real-world interview scenarios, individuals can identify areas for improvement and develop strategies to enhance their performance. The application’s integration with advanced tools provides an in-depth analysis, enabling users to receive personalized feedback tailored to their responses.


While Let’s Start the Interview is a commendable tool for evaluating PM skills, it does have limitations in terms of the breadth of scenarios it can simulate. Additionally, the application’s reliance on user input may lead to subjective feedback. It is important for users to supplement their experience with real-world practice and professional guidance.


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