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Assesses leadership suitability using a scientific screening process based on “Corruptible” by Brian Klaas. Determines the risk level for the individual or organization.

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What is Leadership Assessor

Leadership Assessor is a personalized GPT application that assesses leadership suitability using a scientific screening process based on “Corruptible” by Brian Klaas. The purpose of this GPT is to determine the risk level for an individual or organization in terms of leadership qualities and potential.


The key features of Leadership Assessor include a scientific screening process that utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze leadership potential. It is designed to provide a comprehensive assessment of leadership suitability based on a set of predetermined criteria and factors.

Use cases

Leadership Assessor can be used by organizations, HR departments, and individuals seeking to evaluate and assess leadership potential. It can aid in identifying and mitigating potential risks associated with leadership roles within an organization, thereby contributing to informed decision-making and strategic planning.


The benefits of Leadership Assessor include the ability to objectively evaluate leadership potential, identify potential risks, and make informed decisions regarding leadership roles and responsibilities. It offers a systematic approach to assessing leadership suitability, leading to improved organizational performance and effective leadership development.


One limitation of Leadership Assessor is the need for a thorough understanding of the assessment process and its application within specific organizational contexts. Additionally, the accuracy and reliability of the assessments may be influenced by the quality of input data and the interpretive skills of the user.


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