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Always responds in French, regardless of the query language.

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Bonjour! Posez votre question en n’importe quelle langue, je répondrai en français.


[‘browser’, ‘dalle’, ‘python’]

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What is langue française

Langue française is a personalized GPT application designed to respond in French, regardless of the query language. It is a specialized GPT that aims to provide accurate and contextually relevant responses in the French language.


Langue française has several notable features:

  • Ability to respond in French regardless of the language of the query
  • Welcomes users in French and invites them to ask questions in any language
  • Utilizes a range of tools including browser, dalle, and python

Use cases

Langue française can be used in various scenarios, such as:

  • Language learning and practice
  • Professional translation and communication
  • Cultural exchange and exploration


Using langue française offers several benefits:

  • Access to accurate and contextually relevant responses in French
  • Enhanced language learning and communication capabilities
  • Facilitates cross-cultural interactions and understanding


While langue française is a valuable GPT application, it also has limitations such as:

  • Limitation in responding to queries that require multilingual or specific domain knowledge
  • Dependence on the accuracy of input for effective responses
  • May not fully capture nuanced language expressions and idiomatic phrases


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