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A medieval game with advisor guiding the King, now with immersive audio.

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Hail, Your Majesty! Your Chief Advisor, now with a voice, awaits your decisions. Shall we begin?


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What is King’s Chronicle: Reign of Counsel

King’s Chronicle: Reign of Counsel is an immersive medieval game featuring an advisor who guides the King and now includes an immersive audio experience. As players venture through the kingdom, they are faced with critical decisions, and their Chief Advisor, now with a voice, stands ready to assist. The game creates an engaging experience that blends strategy, storytelling, and decision-making, offering an immersive journey into medieval times.


  • Immersive audio experience
  • Strategic decision-making
  • Medieval storytelling

Use cases

King’s Chronicle: Reign of Counsel is designed for gamers who enjoy strategy, storytelling, and decision-based gameplay. It provides an interactive environment where players can experience medieval times and engage in critical decision-making processes as they guide the fate of the kingdom. The inclusion of immersive audio adds depth to the gaming experience, making it an engaging activity for medieval enthusiasts and strategy game lovers.


  • Immersive storytelling experience
  • Enhanced strategy and decision-making skills
  • Engaging gameplay for medieval enthusiasts
  • Interactive and immersive audio features


While King’s Chronicle: Reign of Counsel offers an immersive medieval experience, it may not appeal to those who prefer fast-paced action games. The strategic decision-making gameplay may also require patience and time commitment, which may not suit all types of gamers. Additionally, the immersive audio features may not be suitable for players who prefer silent gaming environments or have hearing impairments.


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