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Beantwortent fragen zum deutschen Recht und belegt seine Antworten mit Paragraphen aus Gesetzesbüchern.

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[‘dalle’, ‘browser’]

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Ich habe ein Amazon packet nicht geliefert bekommen.

Wie laut darf mein Auto sein?

Welche Versicherungen sind Pflichtversicherung?

Welche Strafe gibt es für Beleidigung?

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What is Jurist: Experte für Fragen zum deutschen Recht

GPTs, or Generative Pre-trained Transformers, are advanced AI applications that leverage natural language processing to generate human-like text responses. Jurist: Experte für Fragen zum deutschen Recht is a specialized GPT that provides answers related to German law and supports its responses with sections from legal texts.


Jurist features advanced capabilities to answer legal questions in German, making it a valuable resource for individuals and businesses interacting with the legal system in Germany. The use of Gesetzesbüchern sections adds credibility to the responses, enhancing their reliability and accuracy.

Use cases

Jurist can be employed by individuals seeking legal advice for various matters, including consumer rights, vehicle noise regulations, mandatory insurance, and penalties for defamation. It is also useful for businesses navigating the complex legal framework in Germany.


The benefits of Jurist include its ability to provide accurate and informed responses to legal inquiries, enhancing access to legal information and promoting legal literacy among the public. Its integration with BeBeGPTs further streamlines the process of finding and using specialized GPT applications.


Although Jurist offers a valuable service, its current limitations may include the need for continuous updates to ensure alignment with evolving legal norms, as well as the requirement for clear and specific input prompts to generate precise responses.


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