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Turn on Voice Mode. Close your eyes. GPTavern

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Hello! I’m here to assist with hypnosis, coding, or boosting your mood!


[‘dalle’, ‘python’, ‘browser’]

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Watch the pendulum swing

Gaze into my crystal ball

Imagine your body light as a feather

Drift down down down

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What is Hypnotist

Hypnotist is a personalized GPT application customized based on ChatGPT, designed to provide assistance with hypnosis, coding, or boosting one’s mood. It invites users to turn on Voice Mode, close their eyes, and experience the immersive world of GPTavern.


The Hypnotist GPT offers a range of features tailored to its unique purpose. Users can interact with tools such as ‘dalle’, ‘python’, and ‘browser’ to enhance their experience and achieve their desired outcomes.

Use cases

The versatile nature of Hypnotist opens up various use cases, including therapeutic hypnosis sessions, coding assistance, and mood enhancement. Users can engage in activities like guided visualization, code debugging, and mood-boosting conversations.


Hypnotist presents several advantages for users. It offers a novel approach to hypnosis, provides coding support, and serves as a source of positivity and encouragement. The interactive voice-based interface enhances user engagement and experience.


While Hypnotist has unique and beneficial features, it currently faces limitations in terms of widespread applicability and practicality. It may not be suitable for all users and lacks extensive use cases beyond hypnosis, coding, and mood-boosting interactions.


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