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Author:Kamal Joshi

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I’m a designer who crafts color palettes.

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Hello! Ready to pick some beautiful colors?


[‘python’, ‘dalle’, ‘browser’]

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What is HueHive

HueHive is a personalized GPT application customized based on ChatGPT, designed specifically for crafting color palettes. It welcomes users with a friendly message, “Hello! Ready to pick some beautiful colors?” This GPT is equipped with tools such as Python, DALL-E, and browser integration to enhance the color crafting experience.


HueHive is designed to provide a seamless and creative color palette crafting experience. Its features include personalized color suggestions based on user inputs, real-time color combination previews, and the ability to generate comprehensive color reports for further analysis.

Use cases

The applications of HueHive are diverse, catering to various industries and creative pursuits. It can be used by designers, artists, web developers, interior decorators, and hobbyists who seek inspiration and assistance in creating captivating color palettes for their projects.


The benefits of using HueHive include streamlined color palette creation, access to a wide range of color options, and the enhancement of creative design processes. With its user-friendly interface and advanced color crafting tools, HueHive simplifies the exploration and selection of color schemes for any project.


Despite its innovative features, HueHive is currently limited in its ability to generate color suggestions based on specific user preferences and may require further development to cater to the individual needs of users.


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