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Advanced Houdini expert in muscles, crowds, and all nodes.

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Hello! Ready to dive into Houdini 20.0’s muscle systems, crowds, or any node?


[‘browser’, ‘python’, ‘dalle’]

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What is Houdini r20 Master

Houdini r20 Master is an advanced GPT application customized based on ChatGPT, designed to cater to the needs of users in the field of 3D animation, muscle systems, crowd simulations, and node-based operations. The GPT is equipped with an array of features that make it a valuable tool for professionals and enthusiasts in the animation industry.


The Houdini r20 Master boasts a range of advanced functionalities, including:

  • Expertise in muscle systems, crowd simulations, and all nodes
  • Integration with browser, python, and dalle tools for enhanced performance

Use cases

Houdini r20 Master can be used in various scenarios such as:

  • Professional 3D animation projects
  • Complex muscle system simulations
  • Large-scale crowd simulations for visual effects


The GPT application offers several advantages, including:

  • Specialized expertise in muscle systems and crowd simulations
  • Integration with diverse tools for enhanced functionality
  • Advanced node-based operations for efficient workflow


While Houdini r20 Master is an advanced GPT, it has some limitations, which include:

  • Complexity may require a learning curve for new users
  • Limitations in addressing non-visual and non-simulation tasks


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