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Say hello to Haruka, your AI powered co-worker for Python projects.

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What is Haruka Sora – Python Expert

The GPT named Haruka Sora – Python Expert is an AI-powered co-worker designed specifically for Python projects. It serves as a digital assistant and offers advanced capabilities to aid in Python programming tasks.


  • Assistance in Python Programming: Haruka Sora provides comprehensive support for Python programming, including code suggestions, debugging assistance, and project management.
  • Customizable Tools: Users can customize the tools and prompts to tailor Haruka Sora to their specific Python development needs.
  • Integration with DALL·E: Haruka Sora seamlessly integrates with DALL·E to generate images based on Python code and projects.

Use cases

Haruka Sora – Python Expert can be used in various scenarios, including:

  • Developing Python Applications: It assists developers in creating Python applications by providing code suggestions and debugging support.
  • Python Project Management: Haruka Sora helps in organizing and managing Python projects efficiently, enhancing overall productivity.
  • Visualizing Python Code: With its integration with DALL·E, Haruka Sora can generate visuals based on Python code, aiding in design and visualization tasks.


  • Improved Productivity: Haruka Sora streamlines the Python development process, increasing efficiency and reducing development time.
  • Enhanced Creativity: Its integration with DALL·E allows for creative visualization of Python code, enhancing the creative process in programming and design tasks.
  • Advanced Support: Users receive advanced support and assistance in Python programming, contributing to higher-quality code and projects.


While Haruka Sora – Python Expert offers valuable features, it may have limitations in the areas of natural language understanding and adaptability to complex project requirements. Additionally, its integration with DALL·E may present challenges in generating accurate visual representations of complex Python code.


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