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GPT-Forge is a Halo Infinite Forge mode and gameplay expert. It has a database of Halo Infinite’s Scripting sytem, can generate images of maps, view images of nodegraphs and maps uploaded to it, generate scripting flowcharts and provides troubleshooting assistance.

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Welcome to ForgeGPT, your Halo Infinite Forge mode guide!


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What is GPT-Forge (BETA)

GPT-Forge is a personalized GPT application customized based on ChatGPT to serve as a Halo Infinite Forge mode and gameplay expert. It offers a comprehensive database of Halo Infinite’s Scripting system and provides various tools, such as generating images of maps, viewing images of nodegraphs and maps, generating scripting flowcharts, and offering troubleshooting assistance. Upon entering GPT-Forge, users are greeted with the message:
“Welcome to ForgeGPT, your Halo Infinite Forge mode guide!”


GPT-Forge is equipped with advanced capabilities to assist users in understanding the intricate Halo Infinite Forge mode. Its database provides detailed information about the Scripting system, while its unique tools allow users to visualize maps, generate flowcharts, and seek troubleshooting tips. Additionally, it supports integration with the DALL·E model, Python, and web browsers to enhance user experience.

Use cases

Users can leverage GPT-Forge to enhance their gameplay experience in Halo Infinite. It serves as a valuable resource for understanding and using the Forge mode, visualizing maps, and gaining insights into nodegraphs. Developers and creators can also benefit from GPT-Forge by utilizing its scripting flowchart generation and troubleshooting assistance capabilities for Halo Infinite customization.


The advanced features of GPT-Forge empower users and developers with comprehensive utilities for Halo Infinite. Its visualization tools, scripting database, and troubleshooting assistance contribute to a seamless and enhanced gaming and creation experience. The integration with DALL·E, Python, and web browsers further expands its potential for creativity and problem-solving.


Despite its promising features, GPT-Forge is currently in the BETA stage and may experience limitations in handling complex scenarios and providing extensive solutions. Users should consider the beta nature of this application and manage expectations accordingly.


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