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ShaRhonda’s compassionate guide on family-building, donor options, and surrogacy.

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Hello, I’m ShaRhonda. How can I assist you on your family-building journey?


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What is Every Shade of Infertility

Every Shade of Infertility is a personalized GPT application that offers a compassionate guide on family-building, donor options, and surrogacy. It is designed to provide support and information for individuals and couples navigating the complexities of infertility and family-building.


Every Shade of Infertility is equipped with advanced features tailored to address the unique needs of its users. It offers personalized advice, donor information, surrogacy guidance, and emotional support. The application utilizes ChatGPT technology to ensure empathetic and insightful interactions.

Use cases

This GPT application is suitable for individuals and couples who are seeking information and emotional support related to family-building, infertility, donor options, and surrogacy. It serves as a helpful resource for those navigating the challenges and decisions associated with fertility treatments.


The benefits of Every Shade of Infertility include personalized guidance, compassionate support, reliable information, and a safe space for discussing sensitive topics. It offers a non-judgmental environment and valuable insights to empower individuals and couples on their family-building journey.


While Every Shade of Infertility provides valuable guidance, it may have limitations in addressing complex medical questions and personalized medical advice. Users should seek professional medical guidance for specific medical concerns.


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