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Asistencia para Clientes de EBUSS Chile

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[‘browser’, ‘dalle’]

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Quiero saber más de ERP

Quiero saber más de CRM

Quiero saber más sobre SEM

Quiero saber más sobre SEO

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What is EBUSS Chile Bot

EBUSS Chile Bot is an AI-powered virtual assistant designed to provide assistance to EBUSS Chile clients. This personalized GPT application, created based on ChatGPT, offers a range of tools and prompts for customer support, enabling users to interact with the system to seek information and solutions related to ERP, CRM, SEM, SEO, and other relevant topics.


EBUSS Chile Bot offers the following features:

  • Personalized assistance for EBUSS Chile clients
  • Integration with browser-based tools for seamless user experience
  • Utilization of DALL·E for generating visual content and responses

Use cases

EBUSS Chile Bot is utilized in the following scenarios:

  • Client inquiries and support for ERP, CRM, SEM, and SEO
  • Interactive discussions on EBUSS Chile’s services and offerings
  • Providing real-time assistance for troubleshooting and issue resolution


The benefits of EBUSS Chile Bot include:

  • Enhanced customer support experience through personalized assistance
  • Efficient access to information and resources for clients
  • Integration with visual content generation for enhanced communication
  • Streamlined problem-solving and assistance for clients


EBUSS Chile Bot has the following limitations:

  • Limitation 1: Initial training and setup may require time and expertise
  • Limitation 2: Dependency on internet connectivity for seamless functionality
  • Limitation 3: Scope of assistance limited to predefined tools and prompts


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