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사용법:{장르}소설 생성하시오,{형식 ex:제안서,유튜브스크립트,극본,시나리오,시 등,,,모든형식}을 작성하시오. {주제},{맥락},{인물},{사건},{배경}. 그 다음엔 ‘continue’만 입력해도 됨

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What is Dynamic Template Evolver(GPT factory)

Dynamic Template Evolver (GPT factory) is a personalized GPT application created based on ChatGPT. It allows users to generate various content, including novels, proposal documents, YouTube scripts, screenplays, poetry, and more, across all formats and genres. Users can input prompts such as themes, contexts, characters, events, and backgrounds. Additionally, a simple ‘continue’ command can be used to prompt the GPT to continue generating content.


The features of Dynamic Template Evolver include personalized content generation, diverse prompt compatibility, and seamless continuation of content creation.

Use cases

Dynamic Template Evolver is ideal for writers, content creators, researchers, and creative professionals who seek assistance in generating diverse content across various formats and genres.


The benefits of Dynamic Template Evolver(GPT factory) include enhanced creativity, content diversity, and time-saving assistance in content generation.


Currently, Dynamic Template Evolver(GPT factory) faces limitations in the accuracy of content generation and may require further prompts for specific requirements. Additionally, it relies heavily on the quality of initial prompts for accurate content creation.


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