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The perfect TTRPG companion. Generate NPC’s, combat encounters, magic items, provide rule checks, creature stats and story hooks. Limited only by imagination – powered by OpenAI

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Ready to level up your D&D game? Ask away!


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Generate a random encounter for 4 level 5 players

Give me a random magic item with image

Give me an NPC shopkeeper and their available wares

Tell me the stats for a Bugbear

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What is DNDToolbox

DNDToolbox is an innovative GPT application designed to be the perfect companion for TTRPG enthusiasts. It offers a wide range of features that include generating NPCs, creating combat encounters, providing magic items, offering rule checks, presenting creature stats, and suggesting story hooks. Powered by OpenAI, DNDToolbox is a versatile tool that is limited only by the user’s imagination.


DNDToolbox comes equipped with various features tailored to enhance the TTRPG experience. These features include the ability to generate NPCs, create combat encounters, offer magic items with images, provide NPC shopkeepers and their available wares, present creature stats, and much more. The incorporation of these features makes DNDToolbox an essential tool for any TTRPG enthusiast.

Use cases

The use cases for DNDToolbox are diverse and impactful. TTRPG players can utilize DNDToolbox to enhance their gaming experience by easily generating NPCs, creating engaging combat encounters, acquiring unique magic items, receiving detailed NPC shopkeeper information, and obtaining quick creature stats. Game masters and world builders can also benefit from the storytelling potential of DNDToolbox, which offers an avenue for creating captivating story hooks and providing rule checks.


The benefits of using DNDToolbox are significant and contribute to an enriched TTRPG experience. Players and game masters can save time and effort by leveraging the tool to generate diverse content, ensuring a dynamic and engaging game. The detailed and imaginative output from DNDToolbox adds depth and excitement to game sessions, fostering a more immersive and enjoyable gaming environment.


While DNDToolbox is a powerful and valuable tool for TTRPG enthusiasts, it does have limitations. The tool’s output is dependent on the quality of the input prompts, and users may encounter occasional limitations in the variety and depth of generated content. Additionally, DNDToolbox may not fully replace the creative input and storytelling expertise of a human game master, as it is designed to complement, rather than replace, the role of the game master.


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