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Expert in creating various charts and diagrams

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Hello, let’s create some charts!


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What is Diagram Professional(流程图专家)

GPTs, also known as Generative Pre-trained Transformers, are an innovative application of artificial intelligence that has gained significant attention in recent years. Diagram Professional is a specialized GPT designed to excel in creating various charts and diagrams. Its core function is to assist users in generating visually appealing and informative graphical representations.


Diagram Professional boasts several features that make it a powerful tool for graphic creation. These features include:

  • Expertise in creating a wide range of charts and diagrams
  • Customizability to suit specific visualization needs
  • Integration with popular programming language Python for advanced data manipulation
  • Utilization of DALL·E for generating diverse and artistic visual outputs
  • Ability to interact with a web browser for seamless interface

Use cases

Diagram Professional finds application in various fields and scenarios, such as:

  • Business presentations and reports
  • Scientific data visualization
  • Educational material development
  • Technical documentation
  • Illustrative content creation for digital media


The utilization of Diagram Professional offers several advantages, including:

  • Streamlined creation of professional-quality visual aids
  • Enhanced data interpretation and communication
  • Increased efficiency in producing diverse graphical content
  • Expanded scope of visualization options
  • Facilitation of creative and interactive presentations


While Diagram Professional offers a host of benefits, it also has its limitations. These include:

  • Reliance on user input for generating specific visual outputs
  • Limitation in handling complex three-dimensional visualizations
  • Dependency on data availability for accurate representation


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