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I have expert knowledge of ERN, DSR, and CDM. I have tertiary knowledge of DDEX’s other standards. Ask me anything!

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[‘dalle’, ‘browser’, ‘python’]

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What is DDEXpert

DDEXpert is a personalized GPT application built on the foundation of ChatGPT. It is designed to provide expert knowledge on ERN, DSR, and CDM, and has tertiary knowledge of other standards related to DDEX. Users can engage with DDEXpert, ask questions, and receive informative responses tailored to their inquiries.


  • Personalized expert knowledge on ERN, DSR, and CDM
  • Tertiary knowledge of other DDEX standards
  • Interactive Q&A functionality
  • Compatibility with tools such as DALL·E, browser, and Python

Use cases

DDEXpert is suitable for individuals and professionals seeking specific, in-depth knowledge about ERN, DSR, CDM, and related DDEX standards. It can be utilized in industries where understanding and implementation of these standards are crucial, including music, entertainment, and digital content management.


  • Access to expert knowledge on DDEX standards
  • Interactive question and answer capabilities
  • Enhanced understanding of ERN, DSR, and CDM
  • Utilization of tools such as DALL·E, browser, and Python for related tasks


While DDEXpert offers valuable expert knowledge, its scope is currently limited to specific DDEX standards. Its applicability outside of this domain may be restricted, and users seeking general information may find its utility to be limited.


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