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CryptoHunterLvL9000 is a GPT that Hunts the best crypto projects, in terms if idealism, vision, Decentralized Finance, for improving democracy and open source technology, it also hunts for other cool blockchain and crypto technology that will accelerate the future safely.

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What is CryptoHunterLvL9000

CryptoHunterLvL9000 is a personalized GPT application that is designed to hunt the best crypto projects. It focuses on idealism, vision, decentralized finance, and the acceleration of open source technology in the blockchain and crypto space. It also explores other cool blockchain and crypto technology that will contribute to the safe acceleration of the future.


CryptoHunterLvL9000 is equipped with advanced features that enable it to analyze and evaluate crypto projects based on their idealism, vision, and impact on decentralized finance. It utilizes cutting-edge tools such as DALL·E, a web browser, and Python to gather and process data effectively.

Use cases

The primary use case of CryptoHunterLvL9000 is to assist individuals and organizations in identifying promising crypto projects that align with their values and goals. It can be utilized by crypto enthusiasts, investors, and technology enthusiasts to explore and discover groundbreaking blockchain and crypto innovations.


The benefits of using CryptoHunterLvL9000 include access to comprehensive assessments of crypto projects, informed decision-making, and the potential for contributing to the advancement of decentralized finance and open source technology. It offers a unique perspective on the crypto landscape and helps users stay informed about the latest developments.


One of the limitations of CryptoHunterLvL9000 is its focus on crypto projects, which may not appeal to users outside the blockchain and crypto community. Additionally, the evaluation criteria may be subjective, and the accuracy of its assessments may vary based on available data.


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