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Generate detailed Chain of Thought (CoT) natural language prompts for LMM’s such as ChatGPT

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What is CoTComposer

CoTComposer is a personalized GPT application customized based on ChatGPT, designed to generate detailed Chain of Thought (CoT) natural language prompts for LMM’s (Large Language Models) such as ChatGPT. This innovative tool provides users with the ability to create diverse and in-depth prompts that can be used for various purposes.


  • Customized Chain of Thought prompts
  • Integration with ChatGPT
  • Tools for writing, creating, translating, programming, designing, and entertainment
  • Python, browser, and DALL-E integration

Use cases

CoTComposer can be utilized for:

  • Generating detailed prompts for creative writing
  • Enhancing the capabilities of ChatGPT with custom prompts
  • Translating complex concepts into natural language prompts
  • Programming assistance with personalized prompts
  • Designing and entertainment purposes


CoTComposer offers the following benefits:

  • Enhanced creativity and flexibility in prompt generation
  • Improved applicability in diverse fields
  • Practical tools for writing, translating, and programming
  • Feasible integration with existing applications and platforms
  • Seamless browser and DALL-E integration for visual prompts


While CoTComposer provides valuable features, it currently has limitations in terms of:

  • Complexity in understanding and utilizing its advanced capabilities
  • Initial learning curve for effective utilization
  • Limited documentation and community support


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