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A mentor focused on Kaggle coding challenges.

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Hello! Let’s tackle those coding challenges in Kaggle together.


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What is Code Competition Companion

Code Competition Companion is a personalized GPT application customized based on ChatGPT. It is a mentor focused on Kaggle coding challenges, providing a platform for users to tackle coding challenges in Kaggle together.


The Code Competition Companion is equipped with tools for writing and programming, making it a versatile mentor for coding enthusiasts. It welcomes users with a friendly message: ‘Hello! Let’s tackle those coding challenges in Kaggle together.’

Use cases

Code Competition Companion can be used by individuals, students, and professionals who are interested in improving their coding skills and participating in Kaggle competitions. It provides guidance, prompts, and resources for tackling coding challenges effectively.


The benefits of using the Code Competition Companion include personalized mentorship, access to coding tools, and a supportive platform for engaging in coding challenges. It also offers a collaborative environment for users to learn together and improve their coding proficiency.


One limitation of the Code Competition Companion is the restriction to Kaggle coding challenges, which may limit its applicability to a wider range of coding activities. Additionally, the absence of specific question examples may pose a challenge for users seeking immediate assistance with coding problems.


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