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Coding assistant for JSON, base64, and Mermaid charts.

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What is Code Companion

Code Companion is a personalized GPT application that serves as a coding assistant for JSON, base64, and Mermaid charts. It is designed to provide coding support and simplify the process of working with these specific formats. With its customizable prompts and tools, Code Companion aims to streamline coding tasks and enhance productivity.


Code Companion offers a range of features tailored to assist developers in their coding endeavors. These features include:

  1. JSON Support: Code Companion excels in providing guidance and suggestions for JSON format, making it easier for developers to work with JSON data.
  2. Base64 Encoding and Decoding: The application offers efficient base64 encoding and decoding functionality, enabling seamless handling of base64-encoded data.
  3. Mermaid Charts Assistance: Code Companion assists in the creation and visualization of Mermaid charts, simplifying the process of creating visual representations of data flow and diagrams.

Use cases

Code Companion is beneficial for a variety of coding tasks, including:

  • Developing JSON-based applications and services
  • Working with base64-encoded data in web development and data processing
  • Creating and visualizing data flow diagrams using Mermaid charts
  • Generating code snippets and suggestions for JSON, base64, and Mermaid charts


The use of Code Companion offers several key benefits to developers:

  • Enhanced Productivity: By providing prompt and accurate support, Code Companion boosts developer productivity and efficiency.
  • Streamlined Coding: The application simplifies the complexities associated with JSON, base64, and Mermaid charts, resulting in streamlined coding processes.
  • Code Quality Improvement: Code Companion aids in maintaining high-quality code by offering valuable suggestions and guidance.
  • Learning Resource: Code Companion serves as an educational resource, assisting developers in understanding and implementing best practices for the supported formats.


While Code Companion offers valuable support and assistance, it has certain limitations to consider:

  • Specialized Functionality: The application is specifically designed for JSON, base64, and Mermaid charts, limiting its applicability to these formats.
  • Dependency on Prompts: Code Companion’s effectiveness relies on the quality and relevance of the prompts provided, which may vary based on user input.


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